Lockdown Part 2

Sat June 26 2.00pm. You guessed it.
As ‘Satchmo’ would say, what a wonderful world.
Seems we’ve been moving around a tad more than we should,
allowing this extremely contagious ‘delta’ strain to circulate.
Hang in there folks, just use common sense, look after your
family and loved ones we have a grand final to win before I check out.

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Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong will enter a lockdown from 6:00pm today until 11.59pm on Friday July 9.

Blind freddie aka Scomo, Gladys and cohorts will eventually realise that vaccination is the key to controlling this pandemic - NOT lockdowns.

if we had sufficient vaccine (a fair swag in Melbourne) us ‘Blues’ might consider it. I had a shot (over 60’s), the wife under 60/over 50 has to wait for the next opportunity.

What ‘bout you ‘toads’? Any truth to the rumour you each get an autographed syringe from Anastacia ? :upside_down_face:

All I got was a shed load of side effects but they only lasted about 24 hours.

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talk about lockdown, we have all this technology and nothing happens.
Bought a car yesterday morning and … insurance company is closed, Transfer rego … RTA is closed. Transfer some money … Bank is closed. Gonna have a busy Mon morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

just curious, if you’ve been vaccinated, can you follow SOO north?
in Newcastle or wherever they propose to have it?

News just in. Greater Sydney Lockdown extended for an additional week (for now).

I’ve got a feeling it will go longer than that too.

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The NRL have updated their advise and regulations for Origin 3 at McDonald Jones Stadium

The match will be played in front of up to 20,000 fans or 75% of seated capacity. Fans located in Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour will not be permitted to purchase tickets.

Hope that helps @Puss.

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38 new cases today!!! Doesn’t look like it will end soon

Yay lockdowns lifted!

Hang on … Part 3 has just begun with Part 4 just round the corner.
Despite this, Qld’s ‘toad’ queen is off to the Olympics with Tokyo currently enduring a state of emergency. No spectators for the Games.
But she’s had her Pfizer.

Closer to home we’ve had Bulldogs at the pub, Dragons at a party,but no matter we’ll just move SOO (a dead rubber) to Newcastle.

I can’t visit grandkids (in regional areas), can’t work local. But the footy just keeps on rolling along. Maybe Vlandy’s should be the next Premier or PM.

What started out as a great season for Panthers is slowly coming apart at the seams. Injuries,COVID, SOO, Qld’ers. My enthusiasm for all things Panthers has slowly waned. I’ve had a gut full. I’m gonna open a bottle of whiskey and drown my sorrows.

And the next time that Uber driver parks across my driveway and digs the lawn up I’m gonna punch his *”’#x lights out, here’s your Delta scumbag. Oh, hang on, I’ve something to look forward to.

Have a lovely lockdown folks !

Another 44 cases today!!!

This won’t be ending any time soon.

I’m starting to be concerned that they might postpone or cancel the 2021 NRL Season the way things are heading.

50 more cases in NSW today.

a four week delay would work for us to get our injured guys back :open_mouth:


I was on a call with people in China yesterday, they thought we were abnormal with a lockdown and only 40 odd cases…

BTW - China have manufactured their own vaccine, 3 options, none of which are the Pfizer, AZ, or moderna drug cartels of the world…

P.S. 12 cans deep - be kind if “yu” don’t like the commentary :innocent:

Depends on the cans Kev, personally I am a coopers fan :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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I think you may be right Steve. Given our current injuries, it might work to our advantage.

With SOO III now being played on the Gold Coast, it would be amusing if we got a clean sweep when all 3 games were on their turf.

77 cases today!!!

Not looking good

Apparently Glad Bag is expecting over 100 cases tomorrow

The NRL is expected to make an announcement tomorrow regarding the competitions future, with the likely option being all Sydney based clubs moving into a bubble in Queensland.