Lockdown Part 2

Yes, I would expect most Sydney Clubs to relocate to a NRL bubble in QLD. I’m not sure if Penrith will have another home game this season to be honest, with no end in sight for this lockdown, and very much heading to the months long lockdown experienced in Victoria in 2020.

The NRL season is handing by a thread. Needless to say this situation has been handled horribly by the NSW Government and playing politics with COVID has come back and bit Gladys firmly in the behind.


Instead of Qld, why couldn’t we relocate to Bathurst?

Put roadblocks in place on the Nepean river crossings, only freight and critical essential workers allowed through.

Do similar on the Pacific, Princess and Hume highways, plus Bells line, Putty, wiseman s ferry etc and COVID wouldn’t escape out of Sydney metrop.

I’d gladly put up with a bit of personal incovience.


Our game against the Broncos definitely won’t be at home.

Our next home game after that is Souths in about 6 weeks. I’d give that half a chance if we can get on top of things in the next week or so.

If we don’t get Souths at home, I doubt we will get Tigers the following week either.

It seems the relocation of the Sydney NRL teams will involve a 14 day quarantine in Queensland.

I would imagine that will result in a 2 week suspension on the Telstra Premiership.

Glad Bag called it!!!

@SouthernHillFan the problem with relocating the teams to other parts of NSW is that both the NRL and NSW Government are anticipating that this will spread to the regional areas as well.

I imagine the logic is that they uproot all the NSW teams now and relocate them to QLD rather than let them move to regional areas and having to move them again in a few weeks time.

In regards to the competition the NRL have indicated the dates and times of the games will not change but only the venues.

The upside to this if it happens is that Cleary and Luai could miss two less games.

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Do you think the ‘Press’ are helping or becoming a hindrance in pandemic management?

State Governments (< plural) seem to revise their advice daily
on what is allowed and what isn’t.
ie Astra Zeneca (blood clots), Pfizer ( heart issues), over 60, under 40,
stay home etc etc.

Monday Nsw State Govt called for people over 60 who hadn’t had their second shot of Astra Zeneca to come forward for their second.
There was an initial pre requisite of 12 weeks between doses, now reduced to 6 weeks, despite being licensed for 4 weeks. I was knocked back, 5 weeks, but they kindly made me an appointment for next week,
week 6. For heavens sake, if I’m still standing after 5 weeks would you
not consider me to be a low risk of side effects after the initial dose?

I’m sure our daily dose of ‘gladbags’ means well but not everyone is glued to their medium for the latest news. I appreciate that is is both an effort to keep the public up to date and therefore appease our ‘press’ but they just go ahead and print whatever they want anyway. The latest
‘Scallywag’ suggestion assigned to ‘scientists’ (which ones) is that they have discovered that the flu shot offer 60% efficacy of severe disease attributed to COVID. This’ll set ATAGI off and the public don’t know what to think.

Well, are the press pains or is confusion attributed to the State Govt’s and their particular Health Ministers take on things? ??

All of the above Puss - I say again, agenda’s…everyone’s got one.

The media has become a whinging brat…me me me me me - They report on what they want, do what they want…whenever they want to - take em on !!!

Re the Media - just saw this on Linkedin :frowning_face:

Yep, Steve, ‘teflon-Glad’ is starting to pay a political price. First her knowledge of the Daryl Maguire criminality, second the rorted community grants (‘nothing to see here; everybody is doing it’) and now the lockdown that she wouldn’t even mention.

I wouldn’t be too quick to praise the Chinese, Kev, given the reports of a heap of Indonesian doctors who have recently died despite being immunised with Sinovac.

Talk is we are looking at 4 more weeks!!!

At least! Unless the 50% of people who lack common sense gain it, or the government dictate terms, this lockdown is unlikely to stem the tide.

I’ve had both doses of vaccine, but worry for my family who haven’t.

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Not praising them Pete, read between the lines.

For what it’s worth, on a call yesterday with a lady from Missouri, 2nd worst infection rate in the US, she praised the fact we are in lockdown with so limited cases, over there the theory is akin to Alan Jones, it’s just a cold !!!

The Chinese vaccine situation was a “why are they so advanced” type quote. I am more concerned with their military movements than I am of covid, and that is not trying to down play this virus…something isn’t right with the world at the moment, yet the Chinese can make significant military strategy movements in what appears to be the blink of an eye ! :thinking:

if we’re such a COVID risk you’d think the Chinese would keep well clear of the Southern Hemisphere unless there vaccines work exceptionally well.

Why can’t mobile testing stations scattered around the city be kitted out to dispense vaccine as well as test ???
Surprised to see more’n more Doctors Surgeries and Chemists make
the exposure site list and many of these located at shopping centre addresses. Yet these are the very venues of referral for vaccination.
I say again … LAB or JAB !

What am I missing ???


Puss mate, you are missing nothing. Testing is all well and good but the only way out of this crap is to get everyone vaccinated (Anti-vaxxers included).


Hey Gladys, your predictions are eerily accurate. Would you mind furnishing a few more for my friend Kevin?

Who’ll win the 21 Melb Cup? Who’ll win the 21 NRL premiership?
Will Anastasia enjoy Japan? Will Tyrone May leave on the expiration of his current contract? Thanking you in anticipation.