New Stadium Announced for Penrith

I thought the stadium is getting refurbishment not a redevelopment ?

Refurbishment v redevelopment v upgrade v rebuild etc are all just marketing play on words.

No real difference to scope one way or the other, just the spin doctors at work.

You ever watch “Utopia”? You would understand how these things play out lol.

The funds will likely allow for at very least a partial knock- down rebuild (western stand, new stands behind the Family and Southern hills, and modification / upgrade to the Eastern stand and other facilities including roofing, lighting, audio, toilets, catering and corporate facilities.

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Personally, I just hope they address the pathways around the ground and the flow of attendees. In a packed game it can take longer to get from the gates to your seat than it takes to get to the stadium and find parking.

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South Hill needs to be addressed on big games. There is no flow structure to many hazards this part of the stadium. But I did hear from Chris Minnis the South Hill & Family hill won’t be touched.

Headed down to Commbank Stadium to watch NSW Cup Grand Final with a mate. Thought I should check it out before our potential move for a season or two. My thoughts:

Good - accessibility, traffic flow & amenities.

Bad - very steep stands, soulless & it’s in fkn Parramatta



Attended the open training session this morning. Matt Cameron gave an update on the project:

  • knockdown & rebuild is no longer option
  • club continues to work with Venues NSW and Govt
  • after '24 season a refurb will be done, due to open in '26
  • update to Eastern stand
  • northern hill to remain
  • western stand to be updated
  • new southern stand to be built
  • NRLW team aim for '26 to coincide with new stadium opening (South stand will include facilities for the women’s team)
  • they will work with architect to ensure existing season ticket holders will have seats in same area as existing (not as happened with other new stadiums)

If Penrith Panthers can win Sunday night this will be only way major project will be invested and Chris Minnis might have different opinions on the project.

I doubt it. There are budgetary constraints (a lot of debt that needs paying), and there isn’t a huge demand for another large sporting venue.

The focus will be keeping it a suburban ground and giving it a modern facelift. The government already said they intend on keeping the hills (EDIT: just the one hill, the southern end seems to be getting a stand)

According to Western Weekender the development will involve demolishing and rebuilding the Western Stands and erecting a stand on the southern hill.

End of beer hill, changes to Western Stand

More detail has been revealed about the upcoming refurbishment to Penrith Stadium.

The Western Grandstand will be demolished and re-built, while a stand will be constructed at the southern end of the ground – effectively ending the ‘beer hill’ era. That will upset a lot of fans who love the atmosphere of that end of the ground, but you can’t please everybody.

The Western Stand re-construction will include a much larger Chairman’s Lounge. Let’s hope the Panthers look after those long-term members in the Western Stand with seats in the new stand, and that it doesn’t become too focused on corporate supporters. Penrith will move out of the stadium at the end of 2024 but will be back for the start of the 2026 season.

Has there been any news lately regarding Penrith Stadium. I can see that Chris Minnis has not said anything after Penrith Panthers have made it 3 premiership in row, what a grand final. I can imagine Brian Fletcher now having big discussions with Chris Minnis scope of the project.

Has there been any update with Penrith Stadium, I think the government is going invest more than $309 million given to refurbished the stadium.

Whats the current update with stadium ?

While we appreciate the enthusiasm for the new stadium, I don’t think we will hear anything significant till sometime in 2024.

Now that the budget has been announced and funded by the NSW Government, I imagine the work will be put out to tender regarding the design and construction.

They won’t be tearing anything down till late 2024 to early 2025 at the earliest. So I don’t seem them rushing the process.

As I had posted earlier. they have stated some details like the end of beer hill, and some corporate hospitality stuff but that’s about it for now.


Has there any update with Penrith Stadium

All quiet regarding news of the design, but the timeframe and budget have been confirmed

Fans will return to new-look western stand at Panthers Stadium

Western Weekender | 12 December 2023


Penrith will aim to cater for existing season ticket holders in the soon-to-be revitalised western grandstand when the new-look Penrith Stadium opens in 2026.

The Panthers will exit the venue at the end of the 2024 season to make way for 12 months of upgrades, which will include a new western stand and improved facilities.

There had been fears that existing western stand members – some of the club’s longest serving fans – would be forced to move elsewhere in the stadium from 2026 in a repeat of CommBank Stadium in Parramatta where the western stand is reserved for corporate and media facilities.

Panthers Chairman Peter Graham is adamant that won’t happen at Penrith.

“It will be one of our guiding principles that those with current seats will retain them,” he told the Weekender.

“We can be confident about that because the early plans at this stage are that the stands will be bigger, will incorporate more… we’ll certainly be taking care of our members. We don’t want people losing their seats.”

The Weekender understands that Panthers will push for existing season ticket holders to be offered ‘like for like’ seating in the new stand. It is a request almost certain to be accepted by Infrastructure NSW and Venues NSW who are keen to get the project right and welcome Penrith as the anchor tenant.

Graham is also determined to ensure Penrith’s exit from the venue at the end of next season is a smooth one.

“We’re developing some principles around our move out of here and that needs to be handled with respect as well,” he said.

“There’s so many people who love the old Panthers ground and so do I. It’s got that wonderful tradition.

“There will be the opportunity for people to take away a bit of memorabilia.”

Penrith’s season away from home will be a challenge but the club is planning to offer similar seating to season ticket holders at the temporary home – likely Accor Stadium or CommBank Stadium.

There’s a push for some to head to Homebush even though Parramatta is closer, the Weekender understands.

“We want to retain the loyalty of our members and supporters during that period,” Graham said.

The club will also spend more time on the road with plans to be part of the Las Vegas slate of games in 2025 and potentially an extra regional match.

Graham said Venues NSW would run the refurbished venue from 2026 but was hopeful Panthers would manage food and beverage offerings and groundskeeping.

“Potentially there’s challenges but the conversations we’re having with both Infrastructure NSW and Venues NSW are very positive,” he said.

“They really are interested in what we need and what we want. We think there’s a fantastic opportunity.”