Panthers Injuries & Suspensions

Penrith Panthers Injuries Report :face_with_head_bandage:

Player Injury Period Expected Return
Issah Yeo Shoulder Dislocation 1-3 Weeks Round 10 - 13
Nathan Cleary High Grade Lateral Injury (Ankle) 4 Weeks Round 19
Waqa Blake MCL Grade 3 10 Weeks Round 21
Dean Whare Hamstring Tear 6 Weeks Round 17
Malakai Watene-Zelezniak Broken/Fractured Rib TBC TBC

Penrith Panthers Suspension Report :triangular_flag_on_post:

Player Charge Round Penalty Add Weeks Carry Over Return

Updated 25/6/2019

Viliame Kikau kicks of the first injury for the 2019 season. He has suffered a MCL Grade 1 or 2. A grade 2 injury will see him miss up to 6 weeks, but trainers and doctors are optimistic that scan on Monday will reveal a Grade 1 MCL, which could see him ready for Round 1 at the best.

Update: Confirmed to be a MCL Grade 2, 6 weeks recovery.

terrible shame to lose Kikau before the season even kicks off but i guess its better to get it now then the week before the finals

hope his recovery is fast and comes back when completely right

as they say opens the door for someone to shine in his absence

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Hame Sele will be scanned for a suspected fractured forearm. If confirmed most require 4-8 weeks. Isaah Yeo has recovered from his concussion, he will most likely not miss any game time.

Good news on Hame Sele, he’s been cleared of a fractured arm. The club website says they are hopeful he’ll be right to face the Knights.

i am no doctor but gees i have concerns a person in the medical team says i have a broken forearm only to have scans and sorry SB buts its just a bruise


Isn’t its now NRL policy to rest a player with concussion meaning Yeo will be out for a week

Shame for him but we still have 5 other captains

Frank Winterstein has a confirmed MCL Grade 2 Ligament Injury which will see him sidelined for up to 6 weeks. Anticipate a return in Round 12.


Isaah Yeo has a suspected AC Joint injury or a possible Scapula Fracture. Worst case scenario would see Yeo sidelined for 12 weeks. Scans to confirm injury would be expected Monday/Tuesday.

UPDATE: Isaah Yeo’s scans indicated he will no require any game time off, and cleared him of major injury, he will line up with the Round 6 team against the Sharks.

Dean Whare’s scans has confirmed a Grade One Hamstring Tear. He is expected to be out of action for between 2-4 weeks.

Injured Players Progress Update - Round 8

Frank Winterstein will resume full training sessions next week
Dean Whare is tracking well in rehab, but his return is still TBA

No mention of Jack Hetherington.

I had mentioned that I had saw him sitting with the other injured players at the home game against Souths, and at the time I assumed he was injured.

But the video of the injured players training session, I didn’t see Jack once. I’m not sure what’s going on there.

Quite a few injuries and players on report from the Raiders match


Villiame Kikau was taken from the field with a Knee/Ankle injury (Possible MCL/ACL). Scans to confirm.

Issah Yeo was taken from the field with a Dislocated Shoulder Depending on severity, it could be downtime from 3 weeks to 6 months. Scans to confirm.

Malakai Watene-Zelezniak was taken from the field with a suspected broken rib. Scans to confirm.

On Report

James Maloney on report for DANGEROUS TACKLE
Liam Martin on report for DANGEROUS TACKLE

Fox sports reporting that Isaah Yeo is done for the season and will require a shoulder reconstruction. Villiame Kikau is undergoing scans today - hopefully good news comes from that and the initial assessment of six weeks was incorrect.

They’re dropping like flies at the moment.

Injury Update

Scans have fortunately shown the suspected damage to Viliame Kikau’s right ankle ligaments is actually more significant tearing in scar tissue associated with previous surgery to repair his syndesmosis. If he can pass Fitness tests this week he may be a starter against the Tigers.

Isaah Yeo will undertake a rehabilitation program on his injured left shoulder for the next month. Surgery will most likely be needed in the off season, but he may be able to return to play in 1-3 weeks, depending on the programs success.

… what the hell does more ‘significant’ tearing in scar tissue
actually mean? A week to week proposition, what, what?

I won’t read this ‘injury’ crap anymore, he’s either in or out!

Panthers website says Waqa Blake has a Grade Three Medial Ligament tear in his knee & will be out for up to 10 weeks.

that’s not good and adds further to our misery and shows just how poor we are in centres of quality in the club

Aekins to centre is the obvious choice for me

without maligning the kid…he was average at FB…he is not a centre in my opinion