Round 9 v Rabbitohs MOTM

Vote for your Round 9 v Rabbitohs Man of the Match

40px Penrith Panthers 42 Tries Luke Garner (2), Sunia Turuva, Brad Schneider, Lindsay Smith, Taylan May, Izack Tago.
Goals Dylan Edwards (7/7)
40px South Sydney Rabbitohs 12 Tries Izaac Tu’itupou Thompson, Dean Hawkins.
Goals Dean Hawkins
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Sunia Turuva
  • Izack Tago
  • Taylan May
  • Brian Too
  • Jarome Luai
  • Brad Schneider
  • James Fisher-Harris
  • Mitch Kenny
  • Lindsay Smith
  • Luke Garner
  • Liam Martin
  • Isaah Yeo
  • Moses Leota
  • Matthew Eisenhuth
  • Mavrik Geyer
  • Jack Cole

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Relatively easy this week. Yeo, Edwards, Garner.

For me its usually Edwards, Yeo and one other. No different this week. I gave the ‘one other’ spot to Turuva this week.

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Agreed. They are both usually head & shoulders above every other player on the field.

Wait a minute. Who didn’t have Yeo in their top 3. I demand an enquiry. :rofl:


I put my hand up, it was me!!!

Nothing against Yeo, I struggled yet again to leave him out. I just had to give a vote to Kenny for his obvious effort, and a somewhat sympathy vote to Schneider who otherwise lives in the shadow of others.

Given our two every reliable aways improving hero’s in Edwards and Yeo, maybe those two should just get automatic votes for the rest of the season and fight it out between them selves for the Dally M and Clive Churchill :joy: