Rumoured Player Movements

Can’t find an existing thread, so thought I’d start a new one to take our minds off things (so to speak).

Let me start;

One which I keep hearing from sources close to both clubs involved, is that Tariq Sims will join the panthers from season 2020.

Apparently there were discussions involving both clubs early in the off-season (late 2018). It was based on a potential 3-way player transfer;

Widdop to Super League
Maloney to Dragons
Simms to Panthers

Rumour has it Panthers refused the Maloney transfer in 2019, and Widdop agreed (begrudgingly) to see out 2019 with Dragons.

That said, rumors of a potential mid-season transfer of Widdop and Simms persist, however all has gone quiet on the Maloney front.

A rumor- time will tell.

Anyone else heard any others?

The only other I have heard is that Peachey is still trying to get out of his Titans contract and return to Penrith, but this one I have les faith in.

interesting rumour
My own view is Maloney will be lucky to be in our firsts
i don’t think we can win the comp with him in the squad
Cleary already has shown his thoughts by moving him to our right side in attack and defence
I doubt Cleary will persist with him if he costs us in games

Which might hasten your rumour

On Peach…dont see him coming back

but contracts mean nothing now with players and coaches do they?

Wouldn’t be surprised if MGM offered contracts to some of our players.

Manly is attempting to squeeze Frank Winterstein out of the club just as his wife makes headlines for her controversial stance on vaccination.

The Herald can reveal Penrith is deep in negotiations to immediately acquire Winterstein and an official announcement could be made as early as Monday. The 32-year-old is contracted to the Sea Eagles until the end of the season but the club is prepared to grant him an immediate release.

a real shot in the arm for our squad :frowning_face:

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need all the help we can get Puss.

That would be quite a good pickup if it comes off

I would rather an up and coming (wrong analogy?) junior than a beat up old has been that never was.

… and for $200 you can listen to his missus rant.
Bugger that, I get that at home for free. :grin:

I hear quite some strong rumours around Segeyaro rejoining Panthers

Oh Boy, I certainly do hope not.

I doubt it will happen (Seggy coming back), while ever Gould remains at the club.

The reasons for his leaving purportedly had nothing to do with his on-field performance (similar to Jennings) I am lead to believe.

The last thing the club needs is that sort of culture returning.

Well Gould is no longer at the club, however given last nights effort, I don’t tgink we are in need of another hooker - instead put the development effort into what we have got.

I’m hearing we have lost Liam Ison to the Sharks.

Apparently Paul Momirovski might get cut by the Roosters, possible replacement for Critta?

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I hope not. I am happy with how the outside players are coming together in 2024.

Most likely will have;

2. Brian To’o
3. Izack Tago
4. Taylan May (he has bulked up quite a bit up top this year, will be more suited to a centre)
5. Sunia Turuva

Thats a pretty lethal edge attack right there. As much as I like Momirovski, he decided to move on to the Roosters, which on his part he may now feel was the wrong call. Panthers need to reward the juniors in it’s system and promote within.


Momorovski had one thing lacking in his game - the ability to pass to his outside man.


Not Panthers related, but find this one interesting

If I were the Dragons I’d park him on the bench for the rest of the season.


I’d be locking up all those remaining players on our list.

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