State of Origin mockery

there needs to be revision with the number of players selected from any one side with Panthers muted to be supplying up to 7(NSW) and 1 to QLD. This would cripple just about any side particularly with a crackdown on tackles, we could end up with 7 players reported, fined, sin binned etc etc.

I just wanted to sit back and enjoy Panthers 2021, but the powers to be are doing their utmost to drag them down. I really couldn’t give a rats ‘bout SOO this year. Just want our blokes to get through unscathed.

What about you.

Oh the 7 (Gus’s selection), To’o, Crichton, Cleary, Luai, Yeo, Martin, Koroiseu. Oh shit … plus Capewell (Qld) 8

Why don’t they just throw the lot in and leave Cleary in charge in stead of old timer Freddy ? We might end up with some tired players but we’d win the damn thing.

Qld are likely to bend the rules without paying the price, it’s a worry.

As a Panther fan, I am always in 2 minds over ‘rep’ footy. For the individuals themselves it is a great achievement to be selected & I am pleased for them & for the recognition they get. For our team, I am concerned about the impact on our performances and chances for a successful season. And, as you point out Puss, we now have the added unknown of the crackdown & the chances that the more players you have involved, the more chance you will lose players for NRL games thru suspension.

I actually liked it last year, when the SOO series was post-season & thus had no impact on player availability during the season. Of course the argument about that is that it extends the season for the top players. But that is only calendar time - they are not playing any more games.

Good luck to our guys with the selections & good luck for them in terms of injury and suspensions. Lucky we have a few ineligible for SOO or we would have a full roster playing SOO :slight_smile:

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Crighton is no chance barring injury, TTurbo will be in centres and they also have Wighton.

What does concern me is Freddy talking up Burto.

I much prefer the end of season format, on a weekend rather than mid week. If created interest post season, didn’t stuff up afternoon peak hour on the roads or rail, and not to mention no impact on the season. Best of all didn’t have to count the beers I was drinking at home lol

Good thing QLD has never picked up that Kikau is eligible to play for them

Wash your mouth out ! :wink:

Have been saying for years that SOO disrupts the season proper and why the hell it has to be best of three beggars belief. But money talks.


Money talks all right, and the scheduling shows it’s all about channel 9 ratings regardless of the impact on the NRL proper.

If they want mid week games (and that includes Thursday), go back to a Amaco, National , Panasonic Cup type round robin to replace reserve grade.

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To be fair, the only side we play while missing players is the Tigers, who have a history of losing to origin depleted sides

unless they’re injured or suspended.

is SOO selection compulsory? I mean can you say thanks but no thanks?

Unfortunately, SOO for those selected is BONUS time. I think it is 50k a game isn’t it, used to be 30k years ago. Anyway, not to be sneezed at !

With regards to the volume of players we will lose, I am again on the fence in terms of, when it wasn’t us, LOVED playing the Broncos in the 90’s during Origin, only chance to beat them…the tide has turned and we find that this may be the only time the ‘also rans’ have a chance against the MIGHT of the Panthers.

Personally, I will be happy if none of em got picked, but that is Selfish Pantherman talking…How sweet would the GF victory be if we also won the SOO with our talent front and centre…LITERALLY :wink:

Game 1 in Melbourne?

COVID has raised it’s ugly head down there.
They play during a lockdown ?

Might have to be a FIFO game :thinking:

Not without a crowd Mutley, they will take it to a stadium with an atmosphere rather than an empty MCG.

Easiest solution, whoever the state was ‘giving’ the game to Melb, should get it back…but the league will take it to SA or WA for growth cough cough JUNKET

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If believe PVL has stated it will go ahead a day or so ago… but then cases were only 4 then… now its 17 and growing.

So I am not sure what is going to happen. If they move it, I say refund the Melbourne tickets and take it to Adelaide Oval. I hear that there is interest in watching live rugby league out there, so why not.

EDIT: Scratch that… now it’s 23.

D… D… D… D…DOUBLE DEIT: …and the MCG was a venue :man_facepalming:

Apparently Adelaide is the standby venue.

Make the call early I say!

so not only do we have to contend with Vlandys crackdown we’re now
having to deal with a COVID outbreak in Victoria. If Panther reps come out of all this unscathed, it’s a miracle.

Even though there is about 8 Players available, only 3 will get selected. Capewell for QLD, then Yeo and Cleary for NSW. At least for game 1. I just can’t see him picking Luai, Burton, Crichton or even To’o.

He will go with Gutho, Turbo, Ferguson, Tupou, JAC in the backs. Wighton at 6, with Cleary 7. I don’t think any of our front row gets picked, even though they are the best in the game.

I can see more players being picked after game 1. Especially if Wighton has a shocker.

Only 3, hope you’re right. :thinking:

Idk, i just think Freddy rarely picks a ‘form player’. Even in recent season (pre 2019) he picked Cleary probably before he was really ready for Origin. Yeo gets in because of the injuries/suspensions to other players.

I hope I’m proven wrong, as i think NSW’s best chance is basically with at least Penrith 9,6,7,13 on the field at the same time. With To’o on one wing. I just don’t think Freddy will think that way.

To’o will not be picked, as much as everyone is saying he should, Freddy will be too worried about the high ball, and both QLD wingers will have a significant height advantage.

As much as i would love to see the team filled with Panthers, selfishly I only want NC (this is a given) to be picked.

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