[2021] Semi Final v Eels MOTM

Vote for your Semi Final v Eels Man of the Match

Penrith Panthers 8 Tries Kurt Capewell.
Goals Nathan Cleary (2/2)
Parramatta Eels 6 Tries Waqa Blake.
Goals Mitchell Moses (1/1)

Who are your votes for this weeks Man of the Match? (Please select 3 players)

  • Dylan Edwards
  • Stephen Crichton
  • Paul Momirovski
  • Matt Burton
  • Brent Naden
  • Jarome Luai
  • Nathan Cleary
  • Moses Leota
  • Apisai Koroisau
  • James Fisher-Harris
  • Kurt Capewell
  • Liam Martin
  • Isaah Yeo
  • Viliame Kikau
  • Mitch Kenny
  • Scott Sorenson
  • Tevita Pangai Junior

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Pangai yeo and capewell :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:


Although I didn’t vote for him, I’d almost give Kenny clubman of the year award for winning us the game with his timely foot injury

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One of those games where almost every player deserves a vote, the exception being Kikau, who had a few brain snaps during his short stint on the field.

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Moses, JFH and Api - Yeo was close but played way too tentative in attack for mine. He looked like he was trying to “Not stuff up” rather than playing what’s in front of him, his 2nd half was heaps better.


Agree completely.

Thought those were the best 3 out there. TPJ was in everything and wasn’t afraid to tear in, see it kind of makes me sad he won’t be with us next season.

I’m the opposite Steve, yes he played well, but what we saw when he got into the push and shove was the real TPJ, he will cost you plenty. We already have Spencer for that, IMO Spencer could be just as damaging if his focus was on the footy and not the man.

Both of these blokes could learn from Moses and JFH, they were instrumental in the first 25 minutes, owning the brutality in the middle and setting us up for victory. If they didn’t get that bounce for the try, we were owning them, not only the points, but that breather they got from that try nullified alot of our big men’s work.

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TPJ had 100% tackle efficiency, made no errors, and conceded no penalties. If thats what it costed us, I’m fine with it.

With a potential GF beckoning, I would play the %'s too.

I said he played well, no disputing that BUT lets see the TPJ that plays next season.

Yeah I think TPJ is a subject to environment. It’s clear he responds well to a club with good structure and culture.

Just look at the difference between him at the Broncos and then at the Panthers. I’m not sure how the Bulldogs culture will work for him. I guess time will tell.