Rumoured Player Movements

I’m not really disappointed in us not signing Fifita. I wasn’t convinced it was a good option for us, but would have gone with what our club went with, as it is a long time since we made a bad recruitment decision.


looks like i was correct on both counts.

Now i am saying here and now the fact we even spoke to this player raises super red flags to me about us and what Cleary et al must be seeing which is not obvious to us.

More broadly the continued exodus of players is proving to be a monster issue and how it is resolved is a conundrum.

we can look back and say the what ifs but we need to be pragmatic and deal with what happens but this highlights what we must be the best at…that is to maintain that supply line of talent.

Clearly we have hit a roadblock and talking to a player like Fifita who has shown his true colours has shown our own problems.

And please if anyone at our club mentions going after Crichton from the Roosters they should be sacked!!!

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I think it is fair to say that Fifita was never coming here; probably used us to sweeten the offer from the roosters. Not sorry though; keep the juniors coming.


Not overly concerned with this. I’m still not sold on him. I see him as another Latrell Mitchell - more hype than substance.

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Is it concerning that he opted for a lower offer at the roosters?

We never know for sure what we offered him, nor the Roorters.

Media speculation about player contracts is just that, often played up by player managers.

I’m not worried at missing out on him for sure.

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A lower offer on paper. They also signed his wife/partner probably on big coin as a way around the salary cap.


Mutley’s next meme, Fafita wearing the Roosters Sombrero


Fifita’s done a Cherry-Evans in reverse.

Even happier now that we didn’t sign him!


sort of shows the character of the guy.

me personally i would have loved to see the Titans say…sorry bud you said you were out and you are out.

Then i woke up…LOL

This is the trouble in “buying” a player rather then bringing a kid through the programme, especially a big head like Fifita on a $1m a year.

We dodged it but shouldn’t have even been a consideration IMO.


The problem is that we are in a lack of experienced forwards. I believe that Lindsay Smith and Liam Henry are the future of the Panthers forwards. But they lack the experience of Fisher-Harris and Leota. If one was to move into Fish’s jersey (I’d probably say Lindsay) Leota will need to ate up into that role.


Don’t forget our mate Eisenhuth who has taken on a more senior role up front. As long as his efforts are there and his mistakes are minimal, I am comfortable with him as our 4th Prop.

Moses (IMO) is our leader up front anyway.