Survey open for fans to have their say on new stadium

Survey open for fans to have their say on new stadium

Western Weekender | March 31, 2022, 2:30

Footy fans and community members are being called on to have their say on what the new Penrith Stadium will look and feel like.

The Weekender can reveal for the first time that a new digital survey has launched, allowing fans to share their opinions on what the new home of the Penrith Panthers will be like.

Penrith MP and Minister for Tourism and Sport Stuart Ayres said the NSW Government will redevelop Penrith Stadium as part of its commitment to improve sport and visitor economy infrastructure.

“The feedback from the local community is extremely important to us,” Mr Ayres said.

“Our vision is for the facility to be a major event venue to support the growing population in western Sydney and cater to sports, entertainment and tourism.”


Mr Ayres said through the Have Your Say digital survey, the NSW Government wants the local community to think about other stadiums not just in Australia but around the world and discuss the features they might like to see at Penrith.

“We’d like to understand what you consider is a world class stadium experience, what stadium facilities are important to you and what you would like us to consider in redeveloping the wider stadium precinct in Penrith,” Mr Ayres said.

“It might be ideas about technology and LED signage, external lighting, conference rooms, anything you feel will enhance the new stadium experience for events and a precinct fit for business and community activity.”

Though it has undergone many upgrades since opening in 1967, this will be the most significant redevelopment in Penrith Stadium’s history and will result in the Panthers relocating for the 2023 and 2024 NRL seasons before returning in 2025.

The community can have their say by visiting:


I have submitted my reply to the survey. I have suggested it be modelled on Commbank Stadium & said that there should be focus on access & egress, bar & food venues. The access to all seating via a concourse is an important factor.
I also suggested that consideration be given to view the stadium development in conjunction with the proposed development of the Showground/Paceway site to provide an entertainment precinct for use every day of the week. Also that consideration be given to eliminating Ransley Rd or at least closing it off to vehicles on match days.


Great minds think alike, I basically said the same thing - particularly about closing the road

I wonder how many hill supporters will be lost. I know a few mates who have young kids and they love the blanket on the grass…that will be lost with the word progress !

I get it from a financial stand point, ‘more bums on seats’ but the Riff is a different beast. I hope it doesn’t become a ghost town after this current juggernaut is disbanded.

When deciding on value for money…think of the ME era and the poor gate takings, no-one (other than us die hards) is going to pay exorbitant ‘Stadium’ prices just because !!!

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One option proposed is for the new stadium to be more like the Townsville one, which I haven’t seen, that is apparently open at one end rather than fully enclosed, leaving an option for us to have a hill or GA area at that end. This was proposed as I understand it because of a suggestion that a fully enclosed stadium similar scale to Commbank would not fit on the site due to the existing road.
I recall a proposal some years back to build a double-sided stand at the southern end extending back to Howell oval, that would have 3/4 enclosed the ground, leaving a hill at northern end.
I took particular notice at Commbank the other night and the facility is great, including that basically every seat is under cover. We had Away Team reserved seating on Eastern side, easily accessed and able to go at 1/2 time straight to toilet and no line for beer, whilst I do not pay individual game tickets, I think the price was likely similar as currently at Penrith. Albeit there were only 11K there, but it was a far cry from the poor facilities we have. Can we improve this aspect at our existing home, without a re-build, I’m not sure. I love our home & I have been going there since '67, and every update has been an improvement, but there was also outcry from the hilllites when the eastern hill went for the new stand
There is no perfect answer, and there will need to be some compromise. Everyone should have their say.

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If I had to choose a stadium to ‘replicate’ it would probably be Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville.

I like the open face at the front that opens into the stadium and it maintains a hilled area. It might be more suited to the space that it would be going into at Penrith.

The seated areas are under cover like Commbank Stadium and maintains the open grass space that many in Penrith (if public opinion is anything to go by) are hoping remains. I feel it’s a happy medium between what Commbank Stadium offers and those who want a more ‘traditional’ style of stadium that is a homage to the ‘former’ Penrith Football Stadium.

I haven’t been there as yet, but from those who I know have gone there they have only said great things about it. I might have to arrange a trip for Round 25 and have a stickybeak.

Picture: Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville QLD

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How many does that stadium hold Steve?

That looks the perfect stadium for Penrith

The stated capacity is 25,000. Though I think that is ‘seated capacity’.

Though for State of Origin last year they increased the capacity to 28,000 with temporary stands on the grassed hill. So I would be more inclined to say it’s closer to 27,000 to 28,000 with the hill portion filled.

Commbank stadium only holds 30k doesn’t it?

Yes. Commbank Stadium only holds 30,000

The fact you can have 28k with the “Hill” experience makes more sense to me…plus you can squeeze more in if they all stand up :rofl:

Do you fellas think we would actually pack out a 30k stadium week after week? Would a more comfortable experience really attract an extra 10k people every round?

At the moment we probably could, but we wouldn’t get half of that during lean times.

As @Mutley has already said, maybe at peak times like finals we could pack out a 30k stadium, but in most regular rounds I think it’s probably closer to 20k.

I think this is why the stadium up in Townsville (which I mentioned earlier) is a good solution for Penrith, it would deliver the upgraded amenities and seating that is drastically needed, and still retain the suburban ground feel that many are saying they would like to maintain on some level.

I think 25k-28k is a good number for the stadium. The rated capacity of Bluebet Stadium now is 22,500. While I like Commbank Stadium looks amazing, somehow it feels hollow and devoid of that atmosphere we have now at Penrith (not to mention I don’t think a stadium that size would fit on the land allocated).

I may very well be in the minority here, but an open faced 25-28k stadium is the right fit.


I hope so. Despite Parra being a fair bit closer to me, Penrith is a lot easier for me to get to. Surface roads vs motorways.

I have heard whispers about town saying that they are looking at the Penrith Paceway site. So there may be some truth to it all.


I heard that as well on the weekend Steve :crossed_fingers:

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I have two theories on this;

  1. Fake news - searching social media it seems it may be a circular rumour spreading.

  2. if their is some element of truth in this, three possible options;

A) an alternative state or LGA owned site, the only one of Suitable size with easy construction and meeting the needs to close proximity to the CBD would be the the peach tree creek site located behind the former ambulance station. This site has long been earmarked by council for the new show grounds , once they are relocated from the paceway site. The show facilities could be incorporated into the wider parklands surrounding the stadium.

B) the paceway site. This would be complex and costly to procure and construct. My thought though is with the current impasse between government and NRL surrounding the rebuild / roofing of Stadium Australia, maybe Airds has offered the NRL a 50k covered stadium at Penrith instead, ready to also host the rugby World Cup final? If not I doubt this would be worthwhile. I remember seeing a concept for a Docklands style stadium on this site back 10 years or so ago, when the “Power Panthers” partnership was being discussed.

C) the Panasonic site - this is mostly cleared however has had it’s DA for development knocked back a number of times. Not sure if it’s land value compared to the paceway site.

Both B and C would require land purchase, which unless the funding is increased would not be possible.

If we are going to get increased funding and/or build a much bigger stadium, option A would be the best bet.

what about the back of panthers, looks to be massive land availability there?

I believe that was the original plan put forward by Phil Gould a few years ago.